Koonans Gold Loan popularly known among the business circles as K T Lonappan Sons is a symbol of unmatched trust and uncompromised professionalism. The vision that leads KTL group is no doubt the desire to become the trusted financial partner of the needy through fair practices and sincere service. Koonans Gold Loan headquartered at Irinjalakuda extends only to Gold Loan Services as per the KML Act and act as the forefront of providing financial assistance to the natives since 1972.

As a leading financial service provider in the Gold Loan Sector, Koonans has always kept its standards by sticking on to ethical operations to gain the image of the most trusted company in the hearts of their valued customers. Koonans has served more than twenty thousand happy customers in and around Irinjalakuda since the last forty five years and still remains the most trusted name in the Gold Loan sector among them.

KTL Group has achieved a coveted place among the leading financial service providers in the town owing to its relentless efforts to simplify the Gold Loan procedures and make it accessible for the common man without any delay. The company understands well that delay is equal to denial and when the needy fails to get money at the most needed hour, it has no value. When received at proper time, the money could do wonders in changing lives and increasing his dignity as a social being.